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Call for inquiry into killer nurse

Relatives of four frail patients who were murdered by a hospital staff nurse have called for a public inquiry into how he was able to kill after a judge told him he must remain behind bars for at least 30 years.

Mr Justice Griffith Williams told Colin Norris that he probably gave the elderly women fatal insulin injections while they were being treated at two Leeds hospitals because he was lazy and believed they were a burden.

Norris, 32, of Egilsay Terrace, Glasgow, was handed four life sentences for murdering Doris Ludlam, 80, Bridget Bourke, 88, Irene Crookes, 79, and Ethel Hall, 86, while he worked at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) and the city's St James's Hospital in 2002.

He was also given a 20 year minimum sentence, to run concurrently, for the attempted murder of 90-year-old Vera Wilby, who survived an insulin-induced coma.

Mrs Hall's 53-year-old son Stuart called for an inquiry to be carried out into how Norris was able to kill, and revealed that he has already held preliminary discussions with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust about the nurse's killing spree.

Mr Hall said: "We hope Colin Norris never leaves prison and is never in a situation where he can harm anyone else again.

"We are relieved this case is over and my mother can finally rest in peace."

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

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