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Call for NHS surplus to be reinvested in frontline care

The £2.1 billion surplus generated by the NHS should be reinvested in patient care rather than clawed back by the Treasury, the British Medical Association and Royal College of Nursing say.

Commenting on figures on NHS public expenditure in England obtained by the Health Committee, Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), said:

"We welcome the news that the health service is on a firm financial footing, but a £2.1 billion surplus is £2.1 billion which could have been spent on quality patient care. It is vital that the government swiftly re-invests every penny of the surplus in frontline services."

Dr Jonathan Fielden, Chairman of the BMA's Consultants Committee, said:

"NHS staff have worked incredibly hard to drive down waiting times and mortality rates. These figures show that their efforts have also delivered financial success to the NHS.

"This money should not be clawed back by the Treasury, or wasted on poor value contracts with commercial providers. It should be reinvested in NHS facilities to drive up further improvements in the quality of care."