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Campaign to highlight cancer risk

A £10m advertising campaign warning women of the links between excess alcohol and the development of breast cancer is being launched.

The campaign targets middle-aged women who drink large glasses of wine and underestimate how much alcohol they have consumed.

The drive features images such as two wine glasses with no stems to resemble women's breasts.

It comes after a currently unpublished Department of Health report found that women who drink more than 14 units per week are 50% more likely to develop breast cancer.

And Cancer Research believes alcohol is linked to some 2,000 cases of the cancer each year.

Public health minister Dawn Primarolo said: "Women who regularly drink too much are 50% more likely to develop breast cancer. And many drink too much simply because they have no idea how many alcohol units they are consuming.

"After the campaign no one will be in any doubt as to how many units they're drinking and the impact that can have on their health."

Department of Health

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