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Campaign launched to combat BV

A campaign to address the lack of information regarding a bacterial vaginosis (BV) has been launched.

BV affects a third of women yet it is commonly misdiagnosed as thrush, according to the campaign launched by Balance Activ.

A range of information has been produced for nurses, GPs and patients and has been sent to more than 3,000 surgeries.

Talia Stokes, Healthcare Marketing Manager for BBI Healthcare said: “Although BV is one of the most common female health conditions in the UK, awareness levels are low. So many women who start experiencing symptoms often assume it's thrush and purchase the wrong treatment.

“Our campaign is designed to provide patients and healthcare professionals with information on BV that's easy-to-access and understand and direct them to more detailed online resources.

“We've had lots of positive feedback from nurses who see the literature and training materials as a valuable resource to educate patients and help them manage their condition.”