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Cancer "likely" in infertile men

Men who are infertile have at least twice as much chance of getting quick-spreading aggressive prostate cancer, academics have claimed.

US researchers said they tested 22,000 men who had already been tested for infertility at clinics around California. The number of those who had prostate cancer was compared with a sample number of men from the population at-large - 168 of the infertility patients were found to have the cancer, just under the expected number of 185.

Published in the journal Cancer, the findings by the Washington University researchers said that the 4,500 men who were infertile were two and a half times more likely to have high-grade prostate cancer than the men who were fertile. If the findings are backed up by other research then infertile men should get screened early for prostate cancer, researcher Dr Thomas Walsh said.

But Dr Helen Rippon of The Prostate Cancer Charity said the number diagnosed with the cancer is small and interpretation of the results is difficult.

Prostate Cancer Charity