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Cannabis reclassification welcomed by union

The government's decision to upgrade the legal status of cannabis to a Class B drug was welcomed today as "a victory for common sense" by Unite/Mental Health Nurses Association.  

Unite/MHNA Chair, Andy Lauder said: "It has been proved time and time again by well-respected medical studies that there are strong links between significant cannabis use and those suffering from mental health problems, or have a disposition to mental illness."

"We, therefore, welcome the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith's announcement that cannabis should be reclassified from Class C to Class B status."

Andy Lauder warned: "There are now much stronger strains of cannabis, such as skunk, entering the UK in response to so-called market forces."

Last month, Unite/MHNA strongly criticised reports that The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs was recommending that the drug should remain on the Class C list. Unite/MHNA said that such a decision "would fly in the face of established medical facts and common sense".


Do you agree with Unite/MHNA? Is the decision "a victory for common sense"? Your comments:
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"Wow. Amazing. Common sense (and the advisory board) says that legalizing marijuana is the best way to deal with the problem. This is a defeat for common sense, just like every other waste of police resources that distract them from real criminals." - IMP, NYC

"Unite do not speak on my and I am a member! This decision is best described as being akin to rearranging the chairs onboard the Titanic! We have had ineffectual drug policy for 30 years - the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is not fit for purpose. However I suppose that this sackless PM and his government wouldn't even consider adressing the bigger issue in a million years for fear of upsetting Daily Mail readers. What worries me more is a 23 strong commitee (ACMD) who know a great deal more on the subject were ignored by Brown/Smith becasue they were on a personal mission to send a message. What complete and utter ignorance. This sets a very worrying precendent for any government current or future, don't you agree? For God's sake what ever happened to basing policy or practice on evidence not personal opinion. Have we returned to the dark ages? Imagine we practised healthcare in the same way? We should be telling Brown and Sm to resign not agreeing with them!" - Maxwell, Tyne & Wear

"No, show me the hard evidence. I've smoked cannabis every day for over 15 years. Started at 15. I'm not mental as 3 million others aren't." - Twenny, UK