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CfH offer new computer qualifications

NHS Connecting for Health are to replace their European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) service with a new Essential IT Skills programme.

The IT Skills programme will give nurses the opportunity to train for two qualifications accredited by the British Computer Society.

Training is designed to make nurses competent and confident in using the National Programme for IT during their daily work routine.

The IT programme is to address basic computer skills such as using the keyboard and mouse, file management, web and emails.

It will also teach nurses to ensure they comply with information governance, data protection and patient confidentiality requirements.

Lisa Roberts, IT Trainer at Calderstones NHS Trust said: "E-learning IT Essentials will benefit employees that haven't been able to take advantage of ECDL and will prepare them for using our other computer systems, such as the virtual learning environment and electronic patient record systems."

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