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Charity calls for free asthma prescriptions

Prescription charges should be reviewed in Northern Ireland as a matter of urgency, say Asthma UK.

Prescription charging was abolished in Wales last year and the Scottish government plans to do the same by 2011.

Evidence suggests that introducing free prescriptions would help to ensure that people with asthma have full access to the correct range of medication.

Experts believe that many people with asthma do not purchase all the medicines they need as a result of prescription charges.

Claire Armstrong, director of Asthma UK in Northern Ireland, said: “People with asthma have consistently told us this is one of the most important issues they want the Executive to address and yet in the recent programme for government published by the Executive, there was no mention of a review of prescription charges.

“We urge the government to listen to us and reform a system that is unfair, inequitable and unsustainable.”

Asthma UK