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Charity to launch children's asthma pack

Next week Asthma UK will launch My Asthma; a new, free, self-management resource for children aged 6-11. It is hoped this new resource will enable healthcare professionals to track the factors which can affect a child's asthma and ultimately reduce hospital admissions.

While September traditionally sees a peak in child hospital admissions for asthma, evidence suggests that children who are empowered to manage their symptoms more effectively gain better control of their condition and reduce admissions.

Asthma UK will be sending a letter and order form to GP surgeries from the 27 September, is a visual resource which has been specifically designed to be engaging for children aged 6-11.  It includes:

  • An easy to read information and advice about asthma and how it can be treated
  • A Personal Asthma Action Plan designed for children (to be completed with a healthcare professional)
  • A six week interactive wall calendar with colourful stickers which the child fills in on a daily basis, noting how they are feeling on particular days, what medicine they have taken as well as the factors which trigger their asthma
  • A medicines record postcard for parents containing information on what medicine their child is taking, when they need to take it and what to do if their asthma gets worse. This can be copied and given to those responsible for the care of the child for example teachers, after school clubs etc
  • Ideas for rewarding children who have been filling in their calendars regularly.

My Asthma will enable healthcare professionals to source important information about children's asthma, allowing them to control their condition more effectively. The pack will empower children to manage their own symptoms by improving their knowledge about asthma. Parents and other carers will also be educated about how to manage symptoms should they get worse. The wall chart calendar can also track how any changes in medicine or lifestyle have impacted on a child's condition over a six week period.

Parents and children who took part in the UK pilot for the scheme reported a real improvement in their asthma knowledge, with nine out of 10 parents recommending My Asthma to parents of other children with asthma. Healthcare professionals have also highlighted demand for pack with 95% stating they would find self-management materials a useful resource to use with children and 85% making a preference for visual materials. 

Elaine Gillard, asthma nurse at Asthma UK says: "It is important for healthcare professionals to dedicate time to completing plans for children with asthma. Despite their known benefits and prominent place in clinical guidelines, there is still a huge range of variability in their use. 

‘We believe that My Asthma will help to simplify this process whilst engaging parents and children with the condition through simple easy to use materials.'

Asthma UK will be distributing the pack to GP surgeries from 27 September.  For further information or to request a pack please contact Asthma UK by calling 0800 121 62 55 or emailing

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