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Checkout check-ups "a big success"

Shopping around for a GP is being taken literally by Sainsbury's after the success of its first "Doctors in Store" surgery.

It cites the "huge success" of the checkout check-ups at Heaton Park in Manchester as the spur to spread the service across the country.

A spokesman said that demand for appointments has been so strong - 1,500 since last March - that they have been increased from three to four days a week.

He said: "Sainsbury's has around 200 stores that have the space and facilities to support a GP's surgery, in conjunction with a pharmacy already open on site."

Although the company has not itself sought out doctors or primary care trusts (PCTs) about opening surgeries, he said, it has been approached by family doctors hoping to open practices.

Meanwhile, Tesco says it is not looking into similar schemes, while Asda says it is looking at the possibility of in-house GPs "in the right areas".

It already has drop-in blood test clinics run by local PCTs at stores in Birmingham and York, Asda added.

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Doctors in Store

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"It is all for the benefit of the populus to be able to see a doctor when one wants to do so; however, on whom does the burden fall when the service is open to market forces to the taxpayer? I would suggest if its OK to allow businesses such as Tesco to compete then we should all pay for any service we receive and then submit our claim to the NHS for reimbursement - one fair way at least and we will all have an equal chance
when seeking treatment for all ills to see who we want and to go wherever we want to do so." - V Henry