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Child worker checks to be cut

Only people working closely with children and vulnerable adults will need to undergo a criminal records check under changes to the current vetting system announced by the coalition government.

Unveiling the changes, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said plans outlined in the Protection of Freedoms Bill would scale back the current system 'to sensible levels, whilst at the same time protecting vulnerable people' and would put an end to 'a 13-year assault on hard-won British freedoms'.

He said the changes would see more than nine million people who work or volunteer with children or vulnerable groups freed from having to register and be monitored by the state.

It would also mean that once a person has gone through the checks, they will not have to go through the process again if they move jobs - reducing paperwork, the government said.

The Bill, which could become law by early next year, will merge the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to form one criminal records checking service.

The number of jobs requiring checks will be cut and those working or volunteering with vulnerable groups will no longer need to register with the vetting and barring scheme or be continuously monitored by the ISA.

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