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Children want to know more about epilepsy

Children want epilepsy to be better understood in their schools, say experts at Birmingham University.

A report supported by the charity Epilepsy Action found that most children with epilepsy have a clear understanding of their condition but this is not the same for their teachers and classmates.

Children said that adults, such as school nurses, in schools should openly discuss epilepsy and listen to what children have to say about the condition.  

Children without epilepsy also said they would like to know more about the condition and told how they should help a classmate if they have a seizure.

Lead researcher professor Ann Lewis said: "The predominant message from the report is that children want accurate and helpful information about epilepsy to be available and discussed in school and other social groups.

"If this is carried out, then children with epilepsy are more likely to make the most of their schooling and experience wider social inclusion."

The report offers practical recommendations for how schools should increase epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy Action

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