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Community care increase in Scotland

There has been a 42% rise in the number of people receiving nursing care in their own home, it has been revealed. 

The statistics show that 77,000 older people received free nursing care in Scotland since 2003/4. 

Local authorities have spent increasing amounts on personal care services, rising from £133 million in 2003/4 to £347 million in 2011/12. 

The figures also showed that people living at home have increasing levels of need, reflecting the fact that people with high care needs are being supported to remain at home for longer. 

Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil said: “I believe it is only right that older people feel fully supported to live at home or in a homely setting within their own communities for a long as possible.

“It has long been our policy to care for older people in their own homes - or in homely settings in the community - wherever possible. We want to avoid any older person having to stay in hospital unnecessarily because they couldn't be cared for properly in their communities.”