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Community innovation fund announced

Community-centric services have received a £1.5m boost through funding aimed at encouraging innovation among NHS staff, it has been announced.

The cash from the Department of Health is in response to feedback from patients calling for more services to be developed closer to patients' homes and in the communities in which they live.

Nurses and other health professionals will direct a programme to assess local service needs, decide priorities, shape outcomes and develop community services, such as bilingual stroke rehabilitation programmes and diet and nutrition training.

Chief Nursing Officer, Christine Beasley, unveiled the Innovation Awards funding in January 2009 to support NHS staff in innovation and leadership work with the aim of transforming community services.

Ms Beasley said: "It is really encouraging to see so many great examples of innovation, good practice and teamwork within community services.

"These award winners reflect the SHAs local priorities as set out in their Next Stage Review responses to transform services and improve the quality of care for patients in their own communities, giving people more say, more choice and more control over their own healthcare."

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