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Community nurse becomes Olympic torch bearer

A community cardiac nurse from Bradford has become one of only 8000 people who have been given the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch in its journey throughout the UK.

David Lighten said the experience was “unreal” as people swarmed around him asking for photographs and looking to touch the cherished Olympic torch.

The fuss around Lighten was so much that a policeman had to be on hand to direct him to the cameras.

A bus carrying all appointed torch bearers in the area picked Lighten up on 23 June and travelled from Headingley to Harehills, both suburbs in Leeds.

Each torch bearer was then dropped off one by one.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Lighten.

“From the moment we got on our bus the atmosphere was unreal. We were practically surrounded by people wanting to see us and take photos.' 

“Once it was my turn to take the flame my biggest worry was whether it was going to go out as the weather was a little windy and it was difficult trying to run slowly when you're used to running fast.

“It was like a party atmosphere, just unbelievable.”

The Queens Nursing Institute has extended its congratulations to its member on the once-in-a-lifetime experience.