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Conservatives promise to remove inheritance tax for nurses

Nurses may no longer be subject to inheritance tax if the Conservatives get into Government following May's election.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that it was wrong that teachers and nurses are being charged inheritance tax, and plans to remove it if the Conservatives win the election, according to The Telegraph.

He has promised to end the inheritance tax on properties up to £1 million for certain members of the public, including nurses.

As Labour pointed out, this was previously promised in the 2010 election but was blocked by the Liberal Democrats once they were in the coalition government.

However it is unclear whether he can keep to this promise if he enters into another coalition.

Cameron said:  “The fact is there are thousands and thousands of people who have been dragged into inheritance tax who were never meant to pay it. Yes, it's right that we as a nation have inheritance tax. Yes, it's right that the wealthiest pay that tax. But no - it was never meant for people who spent their working lives as teachers or nurses or running small businesses.”