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Contraception help for teenage mums

The government has unveiled a new strategy to give teenage mothers more access to contraception.

Research shows the children of young parents are more likely to suffer problems with their health.

The offspring of teenage mothers also have a greater chance of becoming pregnant at an early age themselves.

Children born to teenage girls are also 60% more likely to die during infancy than those born to mothers aged 20-39.

The new drive will offer more long-term health support for teenage parents, including advice on breastfeeding, nutrition, and help on smoking cessation.

Young mums will be encouraged to stay at home with their parents where possible, and they will also get extra help to develop their emotional and social skills.

Families minister Beverley Hughes said the government's drive to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies is showing signs of success.

She added: "By addressing this issue now, not only will we be able to improve the lives of young parents, we can also help prevent repeat pregnancies and reduce the negative outcomes associated with the children of teenagers.

"Tailored services, honest, friendly professionals and long-term support are all part of the solution.

"A group of young people who are isolated, often falter in education, have poor health and lack the confidence and skills to live independently, are going to struggle in today's world.

"As part of our drive to narrow inequalities, they are a key group who deserve our help, commitment and support."

Department for Children, Schools and Families

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Watch video: Alison Hadley (Teenage Pregnancy Unit) on developing strategy for 2010

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"Beverley Hughes has got it wrong - the government has NOT been "successful"' in reducing teenage pregnancies. In fact the government has reduced services that were in a position to help these young mothers - reducing the numbers of school nurses, midwives, and health visitors and by NOT training new people to these positions they show they have NO INTENTION to plan future support. Britain still has the highest teenage pregnany rate in Europe and the most unhappiest teenagers. Something isn't right. Perhaps when MPs continue to lie then we lose faith in our system" - Name and address supplied

"To inject teenage girls with powerful hormones is something out a horror movie. Why are woman always medically experimented on? Injecting these proposed hormones into young women has serious known side-effects, but what about the UNKNOWN ones? But that doesn't matter, they're only women after all" - Name and address supplied

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