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Council bid to boost worker health

A local authority has unveiled a new scheme to encourage businesses to help their staff get fit while they are at work to curb rates of obesity.

The City of Lincoln Council's "activity initiative" has been designed to keep workers healthy, which the council claims will also benefit firms as it will increase motivation and reduce sickness levels.

Businesses can have their own programme tailor-made for them, with prices starting at £25 for a 60-minute session.

Employees will be given guidance on how to eat healthily and cope with stress, while other options include "health MOTs" and exercises which have been designed to be carried out while people are sat at their desks.

It is hoped the plans will reduce the number of people needing medical treatment for health-related issues.

Cabinet member Keith Weaver said: "There are many opportunities for people to take an active role in health and fitness during the working day.

"These activity initiatives do not disrupt the working day, rather they help to promote a healthy lifestyle."

Corinna Hart, assistant health and fitness development officer, said: "The scheme is a great way for businesses to help their staff improve their health and change their lifestyle.

"Having healthy staff can lead to an increase in motivation, reduce sickness, achieve greater staff performance and reduce stress in the workplace."

City of Lincoln Council

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