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Course to improve insulin safety

An online training course for health workers to improve safety in the administration of insulin has been made available from NHS Diabetes.

The course, which is free and takes about an hour and a half to complete, has been launched following several safety issues related to the injection of insulin. Studies have found that up to a third of diabetes sufferers who inject insulin have an error on their medical chart, and it is hoped the new course can help bring this number down.

Following the publication of a Rapid Response Report by the National Patient Safety Agency on the safer administration of insulin, all health professionals who care for people with diabetes must now complete training the on safer use of insulin - such as the NHS Diabetes online training course.

The course is aimed at all health professionals who may have to administer insulin and it covers which type of insulin to use, getting the correct dose, injecting at the right time and the best way to administer insulin.

Anna Morton, Director of NHS Diabetes, says: "One third of hospital patients receiving insulin have an error on their drugs chart and many of these relate to insulin. Ensuring insulin is used correctly should help reduce the numbers of such incidences and good education is crucial to achieving this."

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