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Dairy "may benefit weight loss"

A comprehensive review of the link between dairy products and weight loss has revealed that regular consumption of dairy has an important role in weight maintenance.

The recently completed review from the USA demonstrates greater weight and fat loss when dairy or calcium intakes are increased in conjunction with moderate energy restrictions. 

Observational studies support the evidence showing a significant inverse association between dairy or calcium intake and body fat or BMI in adults.   

Marta Van Loan of the University of California concluded in the study that dairy may benefit weight loss in different ways, including the ability to increase fat excretion supporting the evidence that confirms a positive relation to the role of dairy and weight management.

Dr Judith Bryans, Director of the Dairy Council, says: “With obesity rates continuing to increase, research into the effects of different foods and nutrients on weight is important. This review reiterates the findings of earlier studies showing dairy plays a role in weight maintenance”.

Obesity in the UK is critical. It is reported that doctors performed more than 2,700 weight loss operations this year, a 40% rise on last year. Soaring numbers of people are following in the footsteps of TV presenters Fern Britton and Anne Diamond who have both admitted to having surgery to help them lose weight as a quick-fix solution.

Weight loss surgery is leaving the NHS and many with a hefty hole in their pockets. More needs to be done to explore the benefits of different foods and weight loss.

Dairy Council