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Dairy protects against breast cancer

Eating large amounts of dairy products may reduce women's risk of developing breast cancer, research shows.

A French study of 3,500 women has found that the more dairy products a woman eats the lower her breast cancer risk.

Women were asked to record what they ate every day for 18 months while being closely monitored for any signs of breast cancer.

Dairy produce had the greatest protective effect among younger premenopausal women.

Scientists believe that it is the calcium contained in milk and yoghurt that cuts breast cancer risk.

Director of the Dairy Council Dr Judith Bryans said: "This study joins the growing volume of literature which is helping us to unravel the complex links between our diets and risk of disease.

"This study highlights the importance of including foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt into our diets in order to provide ourselves with the nutrients and we need to maintain good health."

The Dairy Council