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Darzi releases interim NHS report

Lord Darzi is today to release an interim report setting out his emerging vision for the development of a more personalised NHS.

The report "Our NHS, Our Future" looks to place greater influence in the hands of local NHS staff based on the latest technological innovations.

Launching his report the health minister Lord Darzi will say: "Over the last three months, I have spoken to patients, the public and NHS staff and received thousands of letters and emails to inform the review.

"The interim report is the result of my discussions and sets out a vision for the future of health and healthcare in England that is developed and owned by patients, staff and public together."

Darzi believes that innovation such as new life saving medicines and hi-tech medical devices and diagnostics, are key to improving healthcare, saying: "I want to see the UK become a world leader in pharmaceutical and medical technology research and development, so NHS patients have access to the best innovative treatments and services."

Dr Laurence Buckman, chairman of the British Medical Association's is happy that Lord Darzi has not recommended any large top down changes, saying: "We agree that effective change needs to be led locally and driven by clinicians, and others, working in partnership."

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