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Daytime dozing in stroke link

Elderly people who snooze during the day may be at an increased risk of having a stroke, according to a new study.

Researchers discovered that regular dozing is associated with a two to four-fold increased risk of having a stroke.

And the findings suggest that a grandparent who regularly falls asleep in front of the TV or while they are reading the paper might need a health check.

Dr Bernadette Boden-Albala, who was the lead researcher for the study, said that daytime dozing may be an "important and novel" new risk factor for stroke.

Her Columbia University team monitored the health of 2,153 patients, with an average age of 73, for more than two years.

And they found that stroke risk was 2.6 times higher for those in the "some dozing" category compared with others in the "no dozing" group.

Meanwhile, patients classified as "significant" dozers were found to have a 4.5 times higher risk.

"Those are significant numbers," said Dr Boden-Albala.

"We were surprised that the impact was that high for such a short period of time."

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