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Dementia photo wins award


The Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations staged a photographic competition called Changing World. The competition asked young people aged between 14-18 to think about 'how the world has changed over the last 50 years, and imagine how it may continue to change in the future'.

Stella Wharmby, 17, from Francis Holland School won the competition for her photograph named 'disappearing' and received a £100 prize at a special awards ceremony held by the ESRC. Wharmby's photograph stood out from the 1,600 contestants photographs from 270 different schools because it explored how a person suffering from dementia feels. 

Explaining the idea behind her photograph Wharmby said: “I wanted to create a photograph that depicts how it can feel to be around somebody suffering from the disease dementia.

“This is because my Grandma has dementia and often forgets events in her past, and events in the present, so she is becoming a very different person to how she used to be.”

“I poured powder over my model's head so that their face would be somewhat hidden, representing the old parts of my Grandma that have disappeared because of the disease.”

Susie Watts, deputy head of communications at ESRC said, “the photo appeals to me on so many levels. It is well shot, has great use of colour and speaks to me on a personal level as my Grandmother suffers from dementia.”