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Dermatologists warn of sunbed risks

Experts have warned people with fair skin about the dangers of using sunbeds.

It comes after a survey for the British Association of Dermatologists found red-haired and freckly people are among the most likely to use sunbeds.

The research found many with fair skin used the machines in a desperate quest for a tan. However, the group warned that they are the most at risk of developing skin cancer from the UV rays used in tanning booths.

Nina Goad, from the British Association of Dermatologists, said: "People with very pale skin will never tan through UV exposure, they will only ever burn. If you are very pale and you want a tan, you will most likely find self-tan products far more effective.

"Pale-skinned people are also at far higher risk of skin cancer than other groups, so it is alarming that they are the most inclined to use sunbeds. This shows the pressure on pale-skinned people to tan and the lengths that people will go to for a bronzed look."

The survey showed only one in four people who like to tan use cosmetic products to do so.

Of those with fair skin, such as those with red hair and freckles, 7% said they visited tanning parlours.

Just over half of this group realised they were at "very high risk" of skin cancer if exposed to too much sun or UV radiation.

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