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Diabetes blood monitor recalled

A fault has been revealed in a brand of blood glucose meter, leading to calls for users to return the device to the manufacturer. 

The OneTouch Verio Pro shows readings which are too low, and the OneTouch Verio IQ simply turns off if a person has very high blood glucose levels (56.8 mmol/L and above). 

The issue can affect all meters of the brand, including the OneTouch Verio Pro+ which is often used in healthcare settings. 

The fault could mean that diagnosis and treatment are delayed. 

Simon O'Neill, director of Health Intelligence at Diabetes UK, said: “Blood glucose testing is an important part of diabetes management. 

“People using these meters should contact the manufacturer for a replacement but if they are concerned about their blood glucose readings, they should consult with their diabetes care team.”

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has urged people with diabetes to check if they have these meters at home. 

A fully working replacement meter will be supplied free of charge. 

For a replacement Lifescan OneTouch Verio blood glucose meter, please telephone LifeScan on 0800 279 9118 (UK) or 1800 535 676 (Ireland) for a replacement.