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Diabetes patient education in the UK transformed

An innovative new tool, designed to help people with diabetes effectively self-manage their condition and achieve better health outcomes, has been launched to UK healthcare professionals at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference.  

The Diabetes Conversation Map(TM) programme, consisting of four 3x5 foot tabletop visuals, was developed by Healthy Interactions Inc (Healthyi) in partnership with Diabetes UK and is sponsored by Lilly. The programme aims to engage people with type 2 diabetes in a new way, using interactive group discussion and facilitation by healthcare professionals, for whom training and materials will be available throughout the UK for free from June 2008. The UK is the first country to roll out the programme outside of the US and Canada (where over 10,000 healthcare professionals have already been trained).
A set of four different maps, each specifically tailored for people with diabetes in the UK will be available:

  • Managing My Diabetes - provides an overview of diabetes and diabetes self-management
  • Diabetes and a Healthy Lifestyle - focuses on the importance of eating well and keeping active
  • Starting Insulin - for people with diabetes who are considering or have already started insulin injections
  • Experiencing Life with Diabetes - focuses on how to cope with and manage diabetes over a lifetime

Healthcare professionals trained to facilitate the Conversation Map programme use the tabletop visuals to guide small groups of three to 10 people with diabetes through an illustrative journey which encompasses images, questions and facts, encouraging lively discussion and participation. Each Conversation Map comes with a detailed facilitator guide and takes up to two hours to complete.
Twenty-one (three-hour) training sessions for healthcare professionals will be available at centres throughout the UK from June to December 2008. Following training, healthcare professionals will receive their own UK diabetes Conversation Map kit and continued support from Healthyi will be available. 

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