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Diabetes prevention at forefront of care

A Type 2 diabetes prevention programme will be launched by Diabetes UK and Public Health England (PHE) as part of the Five Year Forward View from NHS England.

The programme, currently under development, will be based on current UK and international models of care and aims to take a preventative approach towards the condition.

According to Diabetes UK, the programme has the potential to helpthe 9.6 million people who are considered at 'high risk' of developingType 2 diabetes. They will then be given targeted support to reduce their likelihood of developing the condition.

The rise in the number of people with diabetes is fuelling high rates of complications associated with the illness. This includes blindness, amputations and stroke and the huge costs associated to the NHS.

Diabetes UK says it is really important that measures are in place to prevent the condition as 80% of cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by supporting people at high risk to take simple measures to follow a healthy diet and become more active.

Barbara Young, Diabetes UK Chief Executive, said: “We are really excited to be working with NHS England and Public Health England on the establishment of England's first ever national evidence based Type 2 diabetes prevention programme and applaud its ambition.

“The rise in Type 2 diabetes is disastrous for families and financially crippling for the NHS and the taxpayer so focused and effective prevention programmes must be in place.”