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Diabetes UK to lead national care planning training

NHS Diabetes has contracted leading health charity Diabetes UK to develop and deliver a model care planning training package.
The package will be developed using the experience and expertise from the Year of Care, a national programme to improve the way in which diabetes care is provided, which has successfully identified what is needed to be in place in order to embed care planning as part of routine care. 
The curriculum's first pilot sessions will take place before the end of May at the same sites used for the Year of Care programme: Tower Hamlets PCT; NHS North of Tyne; Calderdale and Kirklees PCTs; and Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.  This training will then be spread across England via a 'train the trainers' programme, through regional sessions and practical workshops. 
Dr Sue Roberts, Chair of the Year of Care Programme Board said: "Since the publication of Lord Darzi's High Quality Care for All there has been a huge national focus on care plans, but our work in the Year of Care to date suggests that care planning, the process through which people with long-term conditions and healthcare professionals identify goals for their care, is much more critical. 
"We are committed to using the wealth of practical experience we have gathered to date to spread learning about how a care planning approach can be delivered effectively throughout the NHS. As far as we know this will be the only care planning training package available that has been quality assured and can be shown to have changed clinical practice, and we look forward to sharing it with PCTs who are committed to empowering people with long term conditions as well as meeting Department of Health targets."
Diabetes UK Chief Executive Douglas Smallwood said:  "We are extremely pleased to have secured this contract after the successes of the Year of Care programme.
"Although this training package will have been designed using the example and settings of diabetes care, the key messages will be applicable to all long term conditions and will support the NHS to meet the care plan target as set out in Lord Darzi's High Quality Care for All."
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