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Diet and stress harm women's health

Women in the UK are suffering physical symptoms from their poor diets and high stress levels caused by their busy lifestyles, new research claims.

The study questioned 2,052 women and found almost one in five have suffered from hair loss, and more than a third have experienced adult acne.

And almost three quarters (71%) of those surveyed by vitamin supplement maker Vitabiotics Perfectil said these problems have affected their self-esteem.

The same number also feel there is very little information available for them about improving thinning hair, which makes women feel they are suffering alone, the researchers added.

The problem is so bad for 35% of women they have even been to see their GP about the issue, the study said.

Nutritionist Anita Ellis said: "I regularly see female clients suffering from hair loss and adult acne and the fact that over a third of women have been to their GPs highlights how serious the problem is.

"Stress is rife in our busy lives and it inevitably takes a toll on the way that we look.

"There needs to be more information accessible for women on how to deal with these conditions as it is clear that they are having a serious impact on their emotional wellbeing."

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