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Digital pens could slash admin in Worcester


Nursing staff in Worcestershire will be able to use technology to access medical records when in the community. 

The local Health and Care Trust has launched a pilot scheme to give nurses smartphones and digital pens to cut down on paperwork. 

The trust hopes being able to access records and write notes when in the community will “reduce the burden of administration.” 

Colin Innes, the trust's head of IT: “Mobile technology has moved on so much that we can now introduce systems that mean our staff are as well-informed in a patient's home as they would be 'in the office'. 

“We can deliver more complete information to nursing staff as well as reducing the burden of administration. That means more time is available to care for patients.”

The move is part of the trust's drive to reduce hospital admissions and treat more people at home.

Mel Roberts, the trust's clinical services locality manager for south Worcestershire, told Worcester News: “We believe there are a number of opportunities when people are admitted to hospital that they could receive the same or even a more effective level of care in the comfort of their own homes, closer to friends and family.

“Caring for people at home also helps us support people's long-term conditions and avoiding symptoms developing into a crisis.” 

Director of policy Jo Webber said: “For too long, the default setting when we think about healthcare or support is to think of a hospital.

“In reality, acute hospitals are rarely the best place for someone who needs on-going health or treatment.”