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Dinner plate helps diabetics lose weight

A simple portion control plate can help people with diabetes lose weight, say researchers.

The "diet plate" is divided into separate sections for carbohydrates, protein and sauce. It even includes an illustration of a "drawn to size" slice of cheese to help patients control their dairy intake.

The plate has undergone a clinical trial, published inside the Archives of Internal Medicine, with promising results.

"Portion size is an important determinant of energy intake," say Sue Pedersen and team from the University of Calgary in Canada.

"In patients with type 2 diabetes, weight reduction improves glycaemic control."

The scientists randomly assigned 130 obese patients with type 2 diabetes to either use a diet plate or to continue with their usual eating habits for 6 months.

Patients who ate with the diet control plate lost significantly more weight and needed less diabetes medication than those who did not change their eating regimes.

"Compared with usual care, the portion control tool studied was effective in inducing weight loss," say the scientists.

"The portion control plate also enabled patients with diabetes to decrease their hypoglycaemic medications without sacrificing glycaemic control."

Archives of Internal Medicine

The Diet Plate UK

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"This diet plate should be availble at all retail outlets so that all adults who would like to lose weight sensibly could buy one and  use it at every meal" - Rosie Bothamley HV