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Dogging condom scheme condemned

Healthcare workers are handing out condoms to people taking part in the sexual practice of dogging, a primary care trust has admitted.

Derbyshire County Primary Care Trust staff and volunteers visit hotspots across the county on a weekly basis to hand out the contraceptives as part of efforts to cut sexually transmitted infections.

The scheme was criticised by local councillors as "a total waste of taxpayers' money".

But the trust defended the initiative, saying it had been running for years and was duplicated elsewhere.

Dogging involves people visiting secluded places, such as car parks, to have sex with strangers.

Richard Marriott, co-ordinator for Derbyshire County PCT's sexual health promotion service, said: "This outreach work takes place on a weekly basis and is commonly regarded as one of the most effective ways to provide sexual health advice to groups engaging in potentially high risk activities.

"It is a proven and established national methodology to reduce teenage pregnancy rates and the number of people at risk from sexually transmitted infections.

"If the PCT didn't undertake such preventative measures the overall cost to the NHS would be much higher, as the average lifetime cost to the NHS of treating a person diagnosed as HIV positive has been estimated at £150,000."


Is the scheme "a total waste of taxpayer's money"? Your comments: (Terms and conditions apply)

"Er, yes. Why can't people simply take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. They are adults for pity's sake so why do they need state funded services to provide them with a condom? Do the same people need the public servants to come around their houses to turn on the lights or flush their toilets? Grow up and take responsibility for yourselves and then we can focus spending on what really needs to be funded." - Simon, London

"No it isnt, however it is unlikely to cut the figures for teenage
pregnacies as the cult for dogging appears to be in the older age groups not the teens. It is still a fantastic intiative to take in reducing STIs." - Sarah Reed, Cornwall

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