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Doubled prostate cancer risk for black men

One in four black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in his lifetime, a leading charity has revealed. 

New figures released by Prostate Cancer UK show that black men have double the overall one in eight risk faced by all men in the UK. 

The charity claims there is an “urgent need” to help black communities to face the heightened prostate cancer risk. 

Cordwell Thomas, the charity's lead on Afro-Caribbean communities said: “Many health professionals are not even aware that black ancestry is a prostate cancer risk factor. 

“With so many lives at risk, we all have to work together to ensure that black men wise up to the issue and those affected seek and receive appropriate healthcare.”

Calculation of the specific lifetime risk to Black men was undertaken by Prostate Cancer UK as part of its continuing drive to support the men of Britain's two million strong African and African Caribbean population in recognising both the threat to their prostate health and their responsibility to be proactive in seeking out advice and support.