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Drinkers unaware of units

A new "units" campaign which aims to tell drinkers how many units are in their drinks and help them stick to their limits was launched today by Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo.
The "Know Your Limits" campaign uses iconic imagery to help people understand how many units are in typical alcoholic drinks, and how to stay within the recommended daily guidelines for regular drinking of two to three units a day for women, and three to four units a day for men. The campaign will also warn people about how regularly drinking too much can damage their health.
New YouGov poll results out today show that English drinkers don't know exactly how much they are drinking. More than four out of five (82%) claim to know what a unit of alcohol is, yet 77% don't know how many units are in a typical large glass of wine.
More than half of those questioned thought a large glass of wine (ABV 12%) would contain two units, when it actually contains three. More than a third did not know that an average pint of beer (ABV 4%) contains two units, while nearly three out of five did not know a double gin and tonic also contains two units.
Public Health Minister, Dawn Primarolo, said:
"Glass sizes have grown larger and the strength of many wines and beers has increased, so it's no wonder some of us have lost track of our alcohol consumption.
"This campaign is all about helping people understand how many units are in their favourite drinks, and helping them to keep an eye on their intake for the good of their long-term health."
Unit awareness also appears to get worse with age: 32% of drinkers aged 18-24 correctly said that a large glass of 12% ABV wine contains three units, compared to just 18% of drinkers over 55. And 69% of drinkers aged 18-24 correctly stated that a pint of 4% ABV beer contains two units, compared to 57% of drinkers over 55.
The poll revealed that more than half (52%) of adult drinkers in England drink alcohol at least two to three times a week, and one in 10 drinks every day.
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