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Drunk nurse struck off by Council

The Nursing & Midwifery Council has struck off a Hampshire nurse who was drunk while on duty.

Sarah Ford, 29, admitted having "a couple of drinks" while at work on 20 September 2003.

Evidence from coworkers detailed how Ms Ford had cried while lying on a patient's bed, displayed  unprofessional familiarity to her manager, been excitable, aggressive and tearful in a patient area, transferred a patient in a potentially dangerous manner and failed to leave the hospital when told to.

The Independent Conduct and Competence Committee panel heard evidence from four nurses and a support worker.

Based on her behaviour, slurred speech, glazed eyes and smell of alcohol, the witnesses formed the opinion that Ford was drunk.

She was employed as a registered nurse at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

The panel found she had aggravated the situation by becoming increasingly inebriated.

NMC spokesperson Kristy Hempel said: "Ford's actions were a serious departure from the NMC Code and the standards expected of someone in a caring profession.

"Despite her good work history prior to the event, this was a deliberate act and Ford has shown no insight or apologised for her behaviour.

"Her actions had the potential to cause direct or indirect patient harm and the independent panel were convinced a striking off order was necessary for the protection of the public and to uphold public confidence in the nursing profession."

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