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Early treatment success key to erectile dysfunction treatment

The first consultation of a patient with erectile dysfunction is the most important in ensuring patient wellbeing and return visits, a survey shows.

A study made available at the 10th Congress of the European Society of Sexual Medicine in Lisbon of 630 men with erectile dysfunction found that one third of men did not return to visit a nurse if their original prescribed treatment did not work.

Analysis revealed early treatment failure impacted on men's overall confidence, relationships and self-esteem.

Some 77% of men also worried that their erectile dysfunction was permanent when their first batch of treatment failed and 32% reported feeling depressed.

Study author David Edwards commented that primary care has "yet to realise the full importance" of early treatment success in erectile dysfunction.

"The first consultation and subsequent treatment can be critical in determining the success of longer term management," he said.

"This study is a first step towards highlighting the importance of this critical phase."

Dr Mike Callender, chair of the primary care erectile dysfunction society, commented: "More can be done within primary care to screen men for erectile dysfunction as part of a general health check.

"GPs and practice nurses should ask their patients about erection problems."

European Society of Sexual Medicine

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