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Ebola volunteer nurse makes full recovery

The nurse who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa has been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery. 

William Pooley, 29, was given the experimental drug ZMapp while being treated in an isolation unity at the Royal Free Hospital in London. 

Pooley had been working in Sierra Leone when he contracted the virus. He was flown back to the UK on Sunday 24 August. 

Half of the people who have been infected in the outbreak have died. 

He said it had felt “natural” to go to West Africa to offer his skills, and that he was “more committed than ever to nursing” and had no regrets. 

Speaking to the BBC, Pooley said: “I was very lucky in several ways; firstly in the standard of care I received, which is a world apart from what people are receiving in West Africa at the moment. 

“And my symptoms never progressed to the worst stage of the disease. I've seen people dying horrible deaths, I had some unpleasant symptoms but nothing compared to the worst of the disease.” 

He had been in the earlier stages of the disease, suffering from high temperatures but not bleeding. 

Ebola symptoms include high fever, bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and rectum, and central nervous system damage. 

The virus is spread through bodily fluids such as blood and saliva. The fatality rate can reach 90%. There is no vaccine or cure. 

Pooley said that other people on the ground have been “heroic”. 

“In the face of quite likely a horrible death, they're continuing to work all day, every fay helping sick people. It's amazing,” he said. 

Public Health England has recently released a guide to spotting patients with Ebola in a primary and communtiy care setting.