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Education "not universally available" for practice nurses

General practice nurses live with striking inequalities in employment conditions and professional development resources, a survey reveals.

The NHS Working in Partnership Programme (WiPP) say this is the first hard data to support the idea that access to employment and training is something of a postcode lottery.

The survey found 65% of nurses still require training to carry out their current role and 65% report obstacles to access to education, funding and course dates.

Sue Cross, project manager of the WiPP General Practice Nurse Initiative said: “According to the survey, education provision in general practice is not universally available and does not always meet the needs of the nurses.

“There is evidence that some nurses are carrying out tasks that they are not formally trained to perform.”

Their survey of more than 1,000 practice nurses will be supported by a new national strategy, World Class Standards and Support for General Practice Nursing.

WiPP has invited educators, managers, policy makers and practitioners to meet to identify concrete was of standardising professional development for practice nurses.

Programme Director for WiPP Louise Jarvis said: “Our vision is that every PCT should have a practice nurse professional lead to ensure standards and support for nurses in general practice really is world class.”