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Egg donors see compensation tripled

Women who donate eggs to infertile couples are set to receive triple the amount of current compensation under a new "proactive" approach to increase the numbers of donors.

To date, out of pocket expenses and a loss of earnings for donors have been capped at £250.

Under new rules, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will offer egg donors a one-off fixed sum of £750 per cycle of donation.

Sperm donors will received a fixed sum of £35 per visit.

"We are convinced that it is right to look at compensation not in terms of crude sums but in terms of the value of donation," said Professor Lisa Jardine, Chair of the HFEA.

"The HFEA has set a level of compensation which will not deter those interested in donation but will retain donors already in the system, without attracting those who are merely financially motivated."

The change in compensation structure follows a public consultation, Donating sperm and eggs: have your say, which ran from January to April 2011.

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

We asked if you think the increase in compensation could motivate women to donate eggs for the wrong reasons. Your comments (terms and conditions apply):

"I don't think many women would donate eggs for wrong reasons as it's not a 'walk in the park' procedure to go through. Also it takes time, effort and commitment, so they are not being paid for 'eggs'. They don't pop them out
like chickens! Re Chris Harrison's comment - some women that donate are also going through fertility treatment with their partners and so have IVF/ICSI expenses of their own to pay out. In response to June Crowther - yes I agree donated bodies to medical science should have a supported funeral costs, as should any donor" - Lorna Timmins, Staffordshire

"Yes, think its a good thing step in right direction" - Veronica McKillop, Ayrshire

"Why are women paid to donate their eggs but you get nothing when you donate your body to medical science. Surely they could pay minimum cost of a funeral?" - June Crowther, East Lancashire

"My sympathies go out to women who can't naturally have children, but I don't think human eggs should be for sale full stop. Anyone donating eggs for the right reason would be happy to do it for free" - Chris Harrison