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Elderly struggling to take medicine at home

Over four in five older people who need help taking their medication do not receive any help, of those who are struggling to cope at home, research revealed.

In total there are over a million older people struggling to cope at home with no care, new analysis by Age UK revealed.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “The immediate problem we face is that at the same time as the older population is growing, the government has cut social care funding to such an extent that the numbers of older people needing help and not getting it are rising exponentially.

“And there are other damaging consequences from these cuts too: for example, as they work through the system the pressures on care providers intensify and it becomes ever harder to recruit and retain care staff.”

The research also showed that almost two thirds of older people who find it hard to eat on their own do not receive any help (180,000 out of 290,000), and over half of those who struggle to wash/get in the bath do not receive any help (580,000 out of 1,120,000).

"This downward spiral in social care and support for older people can't go on,” Abrahams said.