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European parliament votes on new tobacco rules

Updated European tobacco regulations aim to reduce the numbers of young people smoking. 

The proposals, which include banning packs of 10 cigarettes, and flavoured cigarettes have been voted on by members of the European parliament (MEPs). 

However, the MEPs have rejected a proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products - which would have restricted sales - as well as delaying a decision on whether to ban menthol cigarettes. 

Earlier this week the MEPs also voted to put health warnings on 65% of each cigarette package, instead of the proposed 75%. 

EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg said the votes were "positive". 

He told the BBC: "I am confident that the revised Directive on Tobacco Products can still be adopted within the mandate of the current parliament.” 

The UK has already decided that e-cigarettes will be licensed as medicine from 2016.

The devices are designed to replicate smoking behaviour without the use of tobacco. They turn nicotine and other chemicals into a vapour that is inhaled.

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes say the products have the potential to save millions of lives.