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Exercise "option for alcoholism"

A new study has suggested that exercise can be an effective option in helping to treat alcoholism.

US researchers looked into the effect that wheel-running had on the alcohol intake level of a group of hamsters. They found that the more the rodents ran, the less alcohol they consumed.

Author, J David Glass, said: "The 'lazier' hamsters that did not run as much had a greater craving for and consumption of alcohol, suggesting that exercise may be an effective, beneficial, and non-pharmacologic treatment option for alcoholism."

Daily circadian rhythms, such as when to sleep or eat, are disrupted when alcohol is drunk, leading to disrupted sleep patterns. This can result in taking more alcohol, which just compounds the sleep disruption.

But the researchers claim that brain reward pathways are stimulated in a manner similar to the effects of alcohol, meaning its consumption can be reduced.

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