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Experts say headache services lacking

Nearly two thirds of those who live with headaches and migraines in the UK have not found a satisfactory regime to manage their condition, a survey reveals.

A study found that up 28% of people feel medical staff around the UK are not well informed or well equipped to provide useful advice on long-term treatment of headaches and migraines.

 A new position paper on headaches and migraines will be discussed at a reception hosted by the All Party Parlimentary Group on Primary Headache Disorders today.

More than 10 million people around the UK suffer regularly from migraine or other headaches, with headaches accounting for approximately 20% of absenteeism from the workplace.

An estimated 190,000 people have a migraine attack every day around the UK, and more than 100,000 people are absent from work or school every day as a result of migraine.

 Headache UK is an alliance of expert and patient support groups, seeking to provide better services for people whose lives are so compromised by migraine and other headaches. ">Headache UK