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Fight against obesity "to continue"

Britain faces a continuing fight against obesity as a study suggests it will take another generation before saturated fat intake falls to recommended levels.

Research by the Future Foundation found people currently eat a third more saturated fat than the average guideline daily amount (GDA) for a UK woman.

But based on current trends which show a 0.7% drop per year, it will be 2048 before people are eating the right amount a day, the study said.

Saturated fat is found in products such as cheese, chocolate, butter and pies, and is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and some cancers.

The GDA of saturated fat for men is 30g, and 20g for women.

The report also cites a Food Standards Agency consumer survey from last year which found the proportion of people worried about saturated fat fell from 53% in 2003 to 46% in 2006.

Dr Chris Steele said of the Future Foundation's findings: "This report goes some way to highlighting the high levels of saturated fat in the diets of the UK population, which needs a prompt response if any reversal of the situation is to be expected.

"We need to make the necessary dietary changes to bring down the incidences of problems including high cholesterol and heart disease."

Future Foundation

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