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Fight against superbugs "must go on"

Despite the number of MRSA cases having halved in NHS hospitals, efforts must continue to be focused on reducing healthcare associated infections, health minister Ann Keen has said.

Ms Keen made the statement while praising NHS staff on their hard work in reducing infections as she toured an exhibition showcasing the latest high-tech products designed to combat the problem.

In a speech at an International Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs) Technology Summit, the minister said: "Tackling infections is a key priority and the NHS has made great progress tackling both MRSA and Clostridium difficile but there is still a need to battle infections on every front.

"The amazing innovations such as those on display today will be vital if we are to win the battle against infections such as MRSA and C difficile. As a former nurse myself, I'm especially pleased that the ideas behind many of them came from NHS staff working on the frontline."

Among the innovations developed as part of the HCAI Technology Innovation Programme, Ms Keen saw a new temporary isolation room which can be used to rapidly isolate patients who have contracted an infectious condition to prevent further spread.

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"We are only encouraging bacteria to become more resistant as we throw more antibiotics at it. Fuel to the fire! Can't we see that we have created super bacteria? If so, how about if we use some common sense and back off of using so many drugs? Does the medical community need to be brought to its knees by resistant staph before we wake up?" - Cathy, USA