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Filled catheter syringes introduced

A new line of prefilled saline intravenous flush syringes which promises to make catheter care easier, cheaper and safer is being introduced in the UK.

Baxa, which makes specialty devices for preparing and administering liquid medicines, said the new devices are a safe and effective alternative to flushes either drawn from vials or manually filled.

The ZR syringe is easy to use, convenient and cuts the risk of errors, the firm said. It also increases sterility, lowers costs and takes up less shelf-space than alternatives, according to Baxa.

Managing director Terry Aston said: "The time is right for pre-
fills in the UK. Research and industry best practice widely acknowledges that the greater the number of procedures in preparation of medication, the greater the risk of cross-contamination.

"ZR prefilled syringes reduce risk and are far more convenient to use."

The new flush syringes are available as 10ml and 5ml units, each clearly labelled in accordance with NPSA Alert 20(1).

Their clear syringe barrels mean visual inspection prior to use is easy while the pull-off tip cap indicates whether the seal is broken and prevents syringe re-use. Each syringe has a two-year shelf life, with expiry dates clearly visible.

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