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First national "Afternoon Tea for PSP" week

National progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) week  hopes to raise awareness of the disease and funds for research and new treatments.

PSP is a devestating disease that eventually results in patients being unable to walk, communicate, eat or drink.

The PSP Association are hoping to hold 10,000 tea parties across the UK, one afternoon tea for each person in the UK who has the disease.

Tea party guests will be invited to drink "tea for treatment" or "coffee for care" to increase awareness and raise funds for the PSP specialist nurses who provide free help and advice all year round.

MP Tim Boswell said: "'Afternoon Tea for PSP' is a fantastic initiative and will result in increased awareness and knowledge about the disease among the general public, as well as the medical and healthcare professionals.

"This should result in fewer people being misdiagnosed or going undiagnosed which, in due course, will improve their chance fo receiving appropriate care and support."

PSP Association

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"As the first UK PSP nurse specialist, now with 13 years experience, I think the tea parties are a wonderful idea to both fund raise and also to raise awareness. It would be so good to be able to appoint more regional nurses (there are now three of us) to give better support to families affected by this devastating disease." - Maggie Rose, PSP Nurse Specialist