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Fitness check for football fans

A new online tool allows football fans to compare their fitness levels with those from other countries.

The tool asks users questions about their eating and exercise habits, weight and sexual health to determine whether they are "match fit".

The NHS tool has been developed by the Men's Health Forum and is backed by the Football Association.

People can access the tool on the NHS website, Facebook and iTunes.

It follows research by Loughborough University, which found one in 10 fans will consume 20 pints of beer during the World Cup, while one in seven will eat 10 pizzas.

Anne Milton, Public Health Minister, said: "Many people will be glued to the TV over the next few weeks as we support England in the World Cup.

"Hopefully watching some of the best and fittest players in the world will inspire people to get active - whether that means getting their football boots on or any other form of exercise.

"This aims to get people thinking about how simple changes in their life, like eating a better diet or joining their local Sunday league football team, could improve their health."

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