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Flu and pneumococcal programme update

The Director of Immunisation at the Department of Health has written to GP surgeries providing an update on the season flu programme 2006/2007, the pneumococcal catch-up programme for children, and information on the 2007/08 seasonal flu programme.

The letter states that: "In light of the delays in vaccine distribution experienced earlier this year and the now restoration of supplies, GPs and PCTs may wish to continue to offer vaccination in January."

Additionally, the letter states that for the 2007/2008 seasonal flu programme, there will be no reduction in the "at-risk" groups requiring vaccination. However, further instructions will be sent in March to inform whether any additional risk groups have been added to the national policy recommendations, but ordering can start now.

For the pneumococcal catch-up programme, the letter instructs that every effort should be made to complete the catch-up programme by 3 March 2007, and payments can be claimed for vaccinations given up to 31 March.

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